New global study explains why New Customer Acquisition is tougher than ever

Press Release

May 27, 2013 --- Mercuri International’s latest global research study zooms in on Procurement and reveals why new customer acquisition is so difficult. The study, conducted in March/April 2013 in 14 countries covering 14 different industries, shows that:

  • most companies are satisfied with their current suppliers
  • most suppliers are seen as strategic or core to the buyer
  • many different people or departments are involved in purchasing decisions
  • sales people still make mistakes in customer meetings

“Today sellers have to fight hard to win new accounts. In most companies there are several stakeholders involved in buying decisions, and sales people have to manage them all.”  says Ola Strömberg, CEO Mercuri International Group.

Managers, directors and procurement people in 700 companies have been asked 96 statements about their own procurement and how they view sales departments and people.

The Top 10 list over mistakes sellers make:

  1. Talk too much
  2. Ask too much
  3. Try to flatter
  4. Stay too long
  5. Don’t defend the customer’s interests internally at supplier’s side
  6. Weak argumentation
  7. Inadequately prepared
  8. Try bypassing the purchase department
  9. Ask too little
  10. Do not listen

“Sales people today run the risk of either listening too little or asking too much. Customers expect sellers to know about their situation and needs, and they want an expertise dialogue with suppliers. Sellers must be assertive in their ability to meet customers’ needs.” says Ola Strömberg.

Mercuri International provides a number of solutions to tackle the challenges in new customer acquisition: processes, tools and skills to increase the efficiency in winning new clients.


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